Paying tax can be a sign of success……  However, how many of us like to pay more tax than is necessary ?  How many of us would like to minimise tax ?

Tax planning is one of the areas often overlooked with few individuals aware of the extent of the tax allowances, reliefs and exemption available to them whether as an individual, charity or as a business.


Here are some of the many areas a financial advisor can help clients by adding value, where individuals were not aware of their ability to minimise tax :-


  • Taking income from non pension based assets, which in turn reduce taxable estate, minimising/mitigating liability against Inheritance tax.

  • Commercial property ownership as a means of creating personal wealth and reducing corporation tax.

  • Using annual Inheritance tax exemptions to reduce taxable estate, minimising/mitigating liability against Inheritance tax.

  • Strategic income management - Generating multi stranded tax free income streams including tax free income from pensions.

  • Utilising and offsetting higher rates of income tax by using unused personal allowances for spouse/partners.


Opes™ Financial are not tax advisors, although we provide advice specific to financial planning products. Therefore, we typically work along side any existing or third party tax advisers in delivering competent and compliant advice in these areas.


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