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It is very common for advisory firms to simply invest capital for clients in isolation, basing reviews on performance without addressing the bigger picture issues (cashflow planning) or an investments true purpose, what it is designed to achieve and by when...


Our philosophy and focus is around holistic advice, accurate and detailed financial analysis and that there are two elements to professional advice - managing money/products and managing client needs.

Both are essential and both should form part of the service process, although commonly do not...

Our unique Life Plan™ service was therefore designed to address a fundamental area missing from the financial planning sector – managing client needs.

This service is and can be used by individuals, businesses, charities, trusts, accountants and professional service advisers to provide a strong governance framework. It can be used for one off case work such as pre or post retirement or for those looking to accurately build, track and achieve their financial goals and financial wellbeing year on year !

Fundamentally you do not have to hold investments with us to benefit from this service. In line with our service level framework, you pay either a regular fee for regular advice or a one off fee based on your requirements, the extent of goals set and the frequency of review meetings required. The service utilises all your personal and business data – personal, financials, needs & objectives characteristics and targets. We then take this data and build this into Your Life Plan™.

Your Life Plan™ may have multiple goals, products, targets, deadlines, performance and timing metrics, which we model with each having it's own life cycle. Each goal is reviewed through our ongoing contracted service level agreement (where applicable) until your objectives are achieved.

Cash flow modelling is at the heart of our financial planning for clients. It allows us to forecast current and future financial situations and helps to answer many of the most important financial dilemmas you may have, such as :


  • Do I have enough protection for my family and/or business should something happen to me?

  • What age can I afford to retire ?

  • How would taking on or repaying debt affect my plans ?

  • Are my pension(s) and assets going to be enough to fund my retirement ?

  • Can I afford a large capital expenditure such as buying a car or making a gift to family ?

  • How would goals be affected if my investments don't perform as well as expected ?

  • How would a specific increase or decrease in return from my assets or investments affect whether I can afford to retire at my      desired age and at the desire income level ?

  • How would funding children's future education, need for a vehicle, support with house deposit affect my future plans ?



Our cash flow modelling software allows us to forecast our client's current and projected financial situation, including their income, expenditure, assets and liabilities to provide them with a long term financial outlook. This can then be used to help them make well informed financial decisions.


Whilst financial planning based on current and expected circumstances is important, often we forget to think about the impact of certain unforeseen events. Cash flow modelling allows us to clearly demonstrate this, with what if scenarios. This can involve variables such as what age to retire at, investment growth rates, when to sell a business etc. By using cash flow modelling we enable our client's to assess the impact of unexpected changes, and therefore stay in control of their financial future.


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Please note that the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate cash flow modelling.


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