A key cornerstone in an individual achieving their ‘Life Plan™’, personal goals and aspirations is to protect these goals so they can still be achieved even if subjected to - loss of income, long term illness, diagnosis of a specified serious illness or death.

Our ‘Life Plan™’ service looks closely at the interaction between savings & investment goals and outcomes of events such as losing income and the effects this could have in achieving aspirations…..

Protection or life assurance can be commonly found and used to protect an individuals mortgage, family, income, liabilities, against inheritance tax, funeral planning, medical or health expenses etc.


Common solutions we provide for clients include but not limited to :-

  • Reviewing existing cover and benefits for competitiveness.

  • Providing cover to generate a lump to meet a future income goal in the event a savings strategy cannot be met due to death, serious illness of ill health.

  • Ensuring all liabilities are repaid in the event of death, serious illness or long term illness or injury.

  • Provide income for families reliant on household expenditure being covered by one family member, without which household bills could not be paid.

  • Providing funds to cover a families inheritance tax liability.

There has been much innovation recently in the protection market and Opes™ Financial with whole of market access are able to offer access to as comprehensive and unique products that are available in the market place without compromise.

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