Our service in this area starts by understanding - people, company, culture, business drivers, risks, a companies 1/3/5 year plan, any interaction between personal and business planning.


It also usually involves working closely with a companies key advisers such as accountants & auditors, solicitors and commercial insurance brokers to ensure a cohesive and joined up advice approach, which in turn can help save money by channeling support through one adviser….


From this and in connection with our ‘Life Plan™’ or ‘Business Life Plan™’ service, a road map is built.  Done correctly, this often incorporates many many strands of advice with sub advice areas.  Due to complexities around business planning it is imperative to have a clear, consistent and understandable means of following, reviewing, updating and altering your ‘Business Life Plan™.’  This is what ‘Life Plan™’ was designed for.


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