"If you require control over what happens to your assets whilst alive, in your later years and after your death, then creating and maintaining an effective Later Life and Estate Plan is essential."

Thinking about long-term care, making a will and inheritance tax when we die is something that many of us are happy to put off until a future date, often because of the difficulty of raising the subject with loved ones. 


Regardless of age, whether it relates to an individual, business, trust or charity, family or succession planning, commonly referred to as estate planning, is essential in minimising taxes on death, passing on as much of the value of an individuals or entities worldwide assets in the event of death, serious or long term illness.  In addition ensuring that where loss of mental capacity occurs an individuals assets are managed effectively and in their interests whilst alive and any subsequent estate planning is executed appropriately on death.

“Tis impossible to be sure of anything but Death and Taxes,”

Source : The Yale Book of Quotations from Christopher Bullock, The Cobler of Preston (1716).


However, during a lifetime of hard work, you may want to protect as much of your wealth as possible and for it to pass it into the right hands at the right time. But if you don’t plan ahead, your estate could be exposed to inheritance tax (IHT) and more so be eroded by care fees, where applicable, due to poor planning as we are inherently living for longer in general terms.

This is fundamentally where Opes™ Financial’s Life Plan™ service comes into it’s own by mapping out your current and future position from an income, taxation, asset structuring and ownership, estate value perspective, risks and opportunities thus enabling greater financial planning, leading to the creation of your ‘Later Life & Estate Plan.’   This may involve the use either individually or as a combination of specialist investment vehicles and products, trusts, as well as specialist pension products and life assurance (where appropriate).


Everyone’s requirements and motivations are uniquely different. This is why all our solutions are kept as straight forward and simple as practically possible, which in turn can help keep advisory costs as competitive as possible.  All our bespoke modular planning solutions provide both initial and ongoing regular reviews and are delivered in three key stages – initial assessment and overview, structuring and planning, implementation. 


Some taxes and forms or levels of funding care in later life are voluntary and with careful longer term planning, inheritance tax and some forms of care planning can potentially be minimised or mitigated completely, through professional planning.


Why not take a look at our full Later Life & Estate Planning guide.  This guide is intended to highlight those areas that we feel may be important to you and your family. At Opes™ Financial, we have a long established, experienced and highly qualified team, servicing clients around the country and are here to help families connect and make what can be difficult talking points far easier through professional advice and liaising with other professionals where required.

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Opes™ Financial are not legal or tax advisers. Therefore, we typically work along side any existing or third party solicitors, tax advisers, trustees, attorneys or finance boards or committees in delivering competent and compliant advice in these areas.


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