The advent of Automatic Enrolment or Workplace Pensions has created a heightened demand for professional advice with limited access to advice for many small & medium enterprises (SME’s).  Why, due to the cost of advice….  Larger Employee Benefits consultants can typically charge fees based on a business model that may not be pallet-able or affordable to smaller or micros SME’s.


Due to this and our innovative use of technologies we have invested heavily in developing our corporate pension and employee benefits offerings that are modular and suitable regardless of a companies size at a price to suit your requirements.


More and more companies are also benefiting by working with Opes™ Financial in understanding how we can help around the creative use of pensions, business planning, director/staffing remuneration, creating wealth outside a business, exit strategies, staff retention and tax planning as well as benefiting from our workplace educational and staff services. Please visit company benefits.


Our workplace educational and staff services are designed for those firms who see themselves as an ‘employer of choice’ and who wish to enhance their duty of care to staff because they understand a workforce that feels safe and secure is a productive and efficient workforce !

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